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One of the most challenging decisions you will face after choosing your wedding gown is your style of hair. Keep in mind that while you might have thought you wanted to wear your hair up, but once you choose your dress, this might no longer be the best option. Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect wedding hairstyle.

It’s a good idea to start by having several hairstyle choices in mind so you can coordinate with the theme of the wedding, along with style of the gown. One of the best ways to gain ideas on hairstyles is by looking through glamour type magazines, bridal magazines, or even visiting with the stylist that will actually create the style for you.

As mentioned, the style of the wedding gown should play an important role in the hairstyle. As an example, if you decide to go with a princess ball gown, then soft, flowing ringlets would be gorgeous. However, if the wedding gown is an off the shoulder or backless design, then wearing your hair up might be most appropriate.

Another important decision is the stylist you select. If you plan to be married locally, chances are you have a favorite stylist, but the key here is to make sure this person knows how to create styles for weddings. In other words, just because a stylist is talented in coloring or cutting hair, he or she may not have the appropriate skill in creating wedding hairstyles. If your wedding is a ‘destination wedding’, out of state or country, it is important to take photographs of what you want before trying to find someone at that location.

Unfortunately, many brides make a common mistake in using the wedding day as a time of experiment. It’s normally not a good idea to make major changes to your hair regarding a permanent or coloring until after the wedding date. In addition, having too much done on your hair within six months before the wedding could cause damage to the hair.

If you plan to wear your hair up, avoid having the top layers of your hair colored or highlighted. Although this coloring is gorgeous when your hair is down, once worn up, the two- or three-tone coloring will look odd. If your hair is thin, then talk to your hair stylist about adding clip-on extensions to create volume or length. Typically, a bride wants something special or unique for her wedding day, which is fine, but be careful not to go too over the top.

Finally, have your hair stylist try various styles months prior to your wedding. This way, the stylist will have the opportunity to “practice”, getting the look exactly as you want. In addition, having various styles created ahead of time allows you the chance to make changes or adjustments if need be.